About Me


Hey everyone!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Paul, a structural engineer who has delved into watercolor and digital art.

I guess I'll start with some pre-history. My Grandmother exposed me to everything both craft and garden related. Summers were spent planting every vegetable and flower imaginable, each year having a theme. One summer would be planting hundreds of allium, the next tulips, the next lilies. Each summer beach trip would include relaxing on a deck painting the ocean with acrylics. Weekends at her house were filled with paper craft, clay, painting wooden Santa's - you name it, I could write this entire page about her and her inspiration.

As I hit adolescence, then college, and then the work force, my time and drive for art was minimal. I always appreciated it, and always cared for it, but just didn't have the time to nourish it. Then I started studying for my 16 hour Structural Engineer's exam and needed an outlet. I thought of all that time spent learning crafts and gardening, and decided the warmth of it should be tapped into.

I was studying for that exam for an entire year! I painted the last few months of it to keep sane. Now I am officially a licensed professional engineer - Structural engineer specifically - but I've also become an active artist! I hope you enjoy what your see on this page, and I appreciate you stopping by.

I realized while tapping into this artistic side of myself that it fulfills an emotional part of me that my day job can't hope to. I love that I now can share that emotion with you all, and put something positive out into the universe for people to enjoy.